Wearable art for people who care
What each of us finds in art is wonderfully diverse and subjective. However, there are similarities in the way we recognise the role art can play, similarities made up of differences, which unite and bind us.
Art is the freedom to express oneself.
Art is a medium for emotions.
Art is in everything we interact with every day.
Art is a universal language.
"Art is a magical gateway, how you interact with it is entirely up to you, from quiet contemplation to engaging conversation, you can use it as a mental anchor connecting you to memories and experiences, it can be a mere decoration or a paradigm shifting moment in one’s life. For me personally, art is a language. It allows me to connect with myself and others."
"The process of creation is a fusion of ideas, formats, thoughts, approaches, and emotions.

I use posters, stickers, postcards, and souvenirs from my travels; all of this becomes my canvas. I embed bits of lived moments as the foundation for my work. Later, I add new elements to this base: splashes, figures, textures, combining lived experience with the current state of being.
Robert ‘Sticky’ Shaw
My art is not just about cheerful, vibrant forms and characters. My works are a reflection of me, intertwined with my personal experiences and filled with numerous hidden details that viewers can uncover for themselves."
"Creativity knows no bounds; Inspiration is sparked by unexpected sources and often thrives in the juxtaposition of the incompatible—whether it’s worms going about their business in soil or a battle for the planet, a tattoo on the ankle of door-to-door salesman or the way steam rushes out of the boiling pot — perspective shapes the narrative of the moment."

"As an artist, my emotions remain a mystery to the viewer, allowing each onlooker to either play a game of guess or discover unique dramas and meanings within my creations, sometimes familiar only to them or shared by many "